I’ll be lazy and copy-and-paste this comment I left on a feminist site I read:

I am really impressed with Fresh Direct today. I have never used their services, partially because I have been the subject of constant street harassment from one (or more) of the guys who loads their trucks at a loading point near my job, so I could not feel comfortable letting one of their workers into my home. I finally got tired of being yelled at (literally) by some asshole, so I wrote their customer service this morning.

I got an email from one for their directors about an hour later, giving me his cell phone number. I called him and he was really great–totally supportive and he promised to come out to the site today and tomorrow morning to speak to all of the workers and let them know that this behavior is unacceptable and if he finds out they have been harassing again the offending party will be fired. A cash incentive is being offered to the workers so that they will report any instances of sexual harassment. He also told me to save his cell phone no. so I could call him if anything happens again.

It was so reassuring to get a positive response, especially when people are usually dubious of street harassment claims, that I have to let people know that Fresh Direct is a company that cares–or at least the director I spoke to does.