I’m introducing a new feature at Shaunasaurus:  Side Eye Master of the Month. The recipients of this prestigious honor have mastered my favorite expression, the side eye. The side eye is the look you give someone when you’re contemplating whether to ignore them or pop them in the head. I usually reserve it for Tea Partiers, some Libertarians, old ladies who walk too slowly in front of m, annoying people on the subway, annoying people at bars, annoying people at the bank…ok, basically everyone I come into contact with (except for you, dear reader).

Today’s master is Sherri Sheppard, of The View. She may be stupid enough to think that cavemen rode around on dinosaurs, but that hasn’t prevented her from getting her PhD in Side-eye-ology:


"She's lucky this ponytail is stapled on, or else we'd be tussling."