Ok, so yesterday I said I would let Charlie Brooker talk for me when it came to the whole Park51 mosque situation. But then I saw this video:

This is madness. In the past few weeks, these people have created the best Al-Qaeda recruitment videos ever. They have made this into an issue in which we lose either way. When the building goes up, it will surely be terrorized and harassed. If the location is moved, it shows how ignorant and reactionary this country has become.

Beyond the fact that they are crazy assholes, this is why they infuriate me. I turn on the TV and there they are spewing nonsense. I go online and there they are spewing nonsense. If I decided to take the R train downtown, there they would be spewing nonsense. You can’t escape them!

They say that it will be “insensitive” to 9/11 victims, families, and responders to put the “mosque” there. But I’m willing to bet money that:

  • These are the same people who would support the right of the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazis to march through a town. Freedom of Assembly! The First Amendment! Lynchings were a long time ago, and so was the holocaust,  get over it already!
  • These are the people who complain about Native Americans being lazy drunks who live off of government aid. Get over it and integrate! It’s not our fault you guys let us completely decimate your entire culture, no fair that you get cheap cigarettes and we don’t!
  • These are the people who, if a woman told them she was raped, they would ask what she was wearing and then tell her she shouldn’t have been out so late/living alone/having a life. You’ll get over it, hon.
  • These are the people who when any person of color or woman mentions feeling disrespected, treated sub par, or even blatantly discriminated against because of their race/ethnicity/gender, they say “Don’t pull that card. Get over it.”

Well, I for one am tired of the 9/11 card and all that it has been used to justify, and now it’s my turn to say it: GET OVER IT.