Not in the cool, kinky way either.

Mostly because I have spent the entire day reading about this Shirley Sherrod bullshit, and the days before reading about the NAACP/tea party bullshit.

I said before that I didn’t want this blog to be too political, but this week I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. All the white racists are not racist, but any black person who talks about racism hates white people and can even be fired from their jobs, thus proving to the white racists that in fact, it is black people who have really been racist all along. It’s like they’re rewriting history and no one is doing anything to stop it.
Granted, this is not as scary as the episode of Twilight Zone with the bank teller in coke bottle glasses who is always being disturbed when he tried to read, so he goes down into the bank vault, and then a nuclear bomb goes off and he thinks he is the last person alive and he finds a gun to shoot himself with, but then he sees a library and drops the gun and runs to his dream come true, which is all the time to read in the world, and then his glasses break, and he is so blind that he can’t see well enough to read or find the gun to kill himself. It’s pretty close though.

Ta-Nehesi Coates put this video up last week in response to the initial tea party flap. It’s still damn funny today, but a bit less so in light of all the stuff going on: